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It is designed for first-year engineering students of all branches.

(Hindi) Isometric Projection Example 1 #Engineering Drawing

A topic is introduced in each chapter of a module with brief explanations and necessary pictorial views. Then it is discussed in detail through a number of worked-out examples, which are explained using step-by-step procedure and illustrating drawings. Three-dimensional drawings, such as projections of points, lines, plane lamina, geometrical solids and sections of them are well explained in Module C.

Module F covers the fundamentals of machine drawing. Finally, in Module G the book introduces computer-aided drafting CAD to make the readers familiar with the state-of-the-art techniques of drafting. Includes a large number of dimensioned illustrations, worked-out examples, and university questions and answers to explain the geometrical drawing process.

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This richly illustrated textbook, now in its Second Edition, continues to provide a solid fundamental treatment of the essential concepts of machine drawing. The book is suitable for students pursuing courses in mechanical engineering and its related branches both at the undergraduate degree and diploma levels. The students are first introduced to the standards and conventions of basic engineering drawing.

The machine elements such as fasteners, bearings, couplings, shafts and pulleys, pipes and pipe joints are discussed in depth before moving on to detailed drawings of components of steam engines, IC engines, boilers, and machine tools. Gears are covered in a separate chapter.

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  • Finally, the book introduces the students to the principles of computer-aided drafting and designing CADD to prepare them to use software tools effectively for the production of computerised accurate drawings. Besides,all the earlier chapters have been revised and enlarged with numerous new topics and worked-out examples.

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    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering subjects [overview]

    While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home. This book provides a detailed study of technical drawing and machine design to acquaint students with the design, drafting, manufacture, assembly of machines and their components. The book explains the principles and methodology of converting three-dimensional engineering objects into orthographic views drawn on two-dimensional planes. It describes various types of sectional views which are adopted in machine drawing as well as simple machine components such as keys, cotters, threaded fasteners, pipe joints, welded joints, and riveted joints.

    The book also illustrates the principles of limits, fits and tolerances and discusses geometrical tolerances and surface textures with the help of worked-out examples. Besides, it describes assembly methods and drafting of power transmission units and various mechanical machine parts of machine tools, jigs and fixtures, engines, valves, etc. Finally, the text introduces computer aided drafting CAD to give students a good start on professional drawing procedure using computer. Includes a large number of dimensioned illustrations and worked-out examples to explain the design and drafting process of various machines and their components.

    Contains chapter-end exercises to help students develop their design and drawing skills.

    by K.C. John

    This book is designed for degree and diploma students of mechanical, production, automobile, industrial and chemical engineering. It is also useful for mechanical draftsmen and designers. Adrian Newey. He is ultra competitive but never forgets to have fun. An immensely likeable man.

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    As a graduate of the Engineering Graphics Technician program, you'll have the option to continue your education in the Mechanical Engineering Technology , Civil Engineering Technology , or Computer Systems Technology programs, with some of the courses you've already completed counting as credits. These skills, combined with a creative mind-set, have helped me to achieve an unprecedented level of quality in my work. Making it real Work term placements Class projects and internship work terms give you real-world experience.

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    Engineering Physics by Dr. Gupta and Sanjeev Gupta. It is indeed a great pleasure and proud privilege for the authors to present this book on the subject "Engineering Graphics" for First Year Diploma of Engineering and Technology for Semester — I.